• Leveraging California's
    Ingenuity to Advance
    Human Health

  • Developing More Precise
    Prevention, Diagnoses
    and Treatments

  • Connecting Health
    Data Statewide

California is a world leader in path-breaking innovations. This initiative will bring together many of California’s brightest minds to integrate and analyze vast amounts of clinical, genomic, environmental and epidemiological data.

Gov. Edmund G. Brown Jr.

Meeting of CIAPM selection committee on September 11, 2018 for RFP 2018 

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Registration for the public portion of the PMAC meeting on Sep 20 is now open

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RFP 2018 is now available

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Governor Brown Proposes $30M for Precision Medicine, Building on CIAPM to Establish Institute

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What is the Initiative?

In April 2015, Gov. Edmund G. Brown Jr. announced the launch of the California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine (CIAPM).

Hosted by UC San Francisco, this partnership between the state, the University of California, and other public and private entities will help build the infrastructure and assemble the resources necessary to advance precision medicine-oriented data, tools and applications.

The initiative supports patient-focused demonstration projects and is assembling an inventory of California’s precision medicine assets, enabling the state’s scientists, clinicians and entrepreneurs to turn available large data sets and technical innovation into better health outcomes and informing strategic areas for the future development of precision medicine-related projects.

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