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Contacts looking for research partners 

This is a place to announce and advertise research teams who are looking for others to partner with on demonstration projects related to the current RFP 2018 or for other precision medicine related projects. Contacts are listed in the order which they were recieved. If you are interested in adding your group to the list, then please email and provide the details requested for in the body. Academic and industry partners are welcome.  

Contact: Fabian V. Filipp
Institution/employer: UC Merced 

Interest: We are seeking strong collaborators in academia and industry, where complementary approaches makes the team effort successful, durable, and a unique contribution to diversity.

Background: Fabian Filipp leads the cancer systems biology lab at UC Merced in the heart of the Central Valley of California. The demographic of patients at the local hospital includes more than 50% Hispanics and in majority patients of color. One focus of the lab is on Malignant melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer (top 4 killer across all cancers), is significantly higher than in other parts of California or the U.S. The group is open to investigate other cancers, while cancer disparity and impact of pigmentation as co-morbidity is a clear strength of the lab.

At UC Merced, there are four high-throughput omics platform available in house, big-data problems in cancer, and local genomics industry partners are strength.

The approach is outlined in the following recent papers on precision medicine:

Contact: Scott Sumner
Institution/employer: 2bPrecise

Interest: We are seeking partners to collaborate on precision medicine projects that respond to CIAPM’s 2018 RFP.

Background: 2bPrecise, empowers providers with actionable, interpreted, and relevant information about their individual patients. The data is delivered in a readable and computable format within their existing clinical workflow, enabling decision-making at the point of care. The cloud-based precision medicine platform harmonizes genomic, clinical, and lifestyle data. It also brings insights into the existing (vendor neutral) EHR workflow.  The platform is broad and robust, yet offering also specific narrow clinical uses cases such as Cancer as mentioned for this RFP focus.

2bPrecise value: 

1. Powerful, practical, cross-clinical data model - synthesizing and harmonizing genomic information
2. In workflow genomic interventions, only when needed – smart, seamless workflow integration
3. Research-ready platform - clinical and pedigree knowledge to store and manage patient data
4. Score driven prediction and findings pointing at clinical cases in which a genetic test could make a difference in precise accelerated diagnosis and optimized treatment

Contact: Camille Nebeker
Institution/employer: UC San Diego

Interest: Our group is interested in conducting research to better understand the ethical, legal and social implications of precision medicine (e.g., informed consent, data management, participant engagement) and is available to collaborate on CIAPM projects.

Background: Camille Nebeker is an assistant professor of Behavioral Medicine in the Department of Family Medicine & Public Health, School of Medicine at UC San Diego. Dr. Nebeker’s research focuses on research capacity building in community settings and the ethical dimensions (e.g., consent, privacy, data management) of emerging technologies (e.g., pervasive sensors, ubiquitous computing) used in health research. She leads the Connected and Open Research Ethics (CORE) initiative and Building Research Integrity and Capacity (BRIC) project. 

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