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CIAPM Panel Discussion at PMWC 2017

At the Precision Medicine World Conference (PMWC) January 23-25, 2017, 9 am, CIAPM will host a 60-minute panel discussion, co-chaired by Elizabeth Baca, Senior Health Advisor to the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research and Uta Grieshammer, Program Director for CIAPM. The panel features demonstration project leads Olena MorozovaBrennan Spiegel and Nicholas Anderson who will discuss their patient data-based diagnostics and tools, and their vision for broad-ranging improvements to health and healthcare. They will be in conversation with Rowan Chapman, Head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, California, an experienced business and investment strategist, to explore the opportunities and challenges of their approaches and the best strategies toward translating precision medicine into clinical reality.

Please join us on January 24, 2017, at 9 am for this forward-looking panel discussion about California’s efforts to advance precision medicine.

CIAPM Precision Medicine Inventory

Uta Grieshammer, Program Director CIAPM, is communicating and meeting with precision medicine stakeholders throughout California to learn about their assets, to discuss inclusion in the asset inventory and to design the inventory such that it will help accelerate advances in both research and clinical implementation of precision medicine while engaging patients and other participants.

For description of types of assets, please visit the Assets page.

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Demonstration Project Workshops

In June 2015, CIAPM held two workshops to assist in the development of the project proposals, to stimulate precision medicine efforts throughout the state and to launch the inventory process.  The workshops included presentations by finalist teams selected from the submissions to the request for proposals. Other participants from universities, non-profit organizations and industry described their efforts, approaches, technologies and other assets that could contribute to CIAPM. Governor Brown addressed both workshops, highlighting California’s leadership position in groundbreaking biomedical discovery and his interest in catalyzing data-driven, collaborative precision medicine research.