Personal Mobile and Contextual Precision Health

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Principal Investigator

Nicholas Anderson, MS, PhD, Director of Informatics Research, UC Davis

(L to R, Top Row: [UC Davis] Nick Anderson, PhD; Brad Pollock, PhD, MPH; Madan Dharmar, MBBS, PhD; Bill Riedl, MS; Chris Lambertus, MS; Mike Lehman; Bottom Row: [UCSF] Ida Sim, MD, PhD; Meghana Gadgil, MD; Jason Satterfield, MD; [UC Berkeley] David Lindeman, PhD; Dan Gillette, MS; [Overlap Health] David Haddad, MBA) 

Project Description

Patients are increasingly gathering diverse and ubiquitous personal data through the mobile phones and devices they use in their daily lives.

This data is potentially of unique importance to help both patients and their doctors improve the management of chronic diseases, but engaging patients to provide secure and personalized data, and integrating and interpreting this data in the context of their clinical health remains a major challenge.

In this project, the team will develop and provide easy to use tools and processes to track and contribute activity, blood pressure and behavioral health data from mobile phones, and will engage patients to help design and evaluate a patient-centered mobile health system that will allow patients and their doctors to use this data for new approaches to managing chronic conditions such as hypertension and depression.

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Project Partners

  • UC San Francisco
  • UC Berkeley
  • Overlap Health