Selection Committee Nominations 2018

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Selection Committee Nominations

CIAPM will establish a precision medicine expert Selection Committee to review proposals submitted in response to CIAPM’s Request for Proposals 2018. The Selection Committee members will represent various precision medicine-related expertise, including but not limited to: behavior/lifestyle, bioinformatics, cancer, digital health/mHealth, end-of-life/palliative care, ethics/biomedical ethics, genomics, global health, health disparities, health economics, imaging/pathology, medical records/interoperability, multiple omics, patient engagement, public policy, and statistics/computations. Selection Committee members must be based outside of California and cannot have any interest in any contract related to this RFP. Selection Committee members will be appointed based on their relevant training and experience, as well as service on prior CIAPM review committees.

Request for nominations:

Please consider the specifications above when nominating individuals to serve on the Selection Committee. Please provide name, institutional affiliation, expertise, qualifications, and contact information for each nomination for serving on the Selection Committee. Nominations may be submitted via email to  Nominations will be accepted through July 18, 2018. 

All nominations will be tracked, reviewed and archived by CIAPM.